Sam is going to the Phillipines and Hong Kong!

Hi guys! 

I have BIG news.. 
I wont be posting for 2 weeks from now.. That's because I'm going to the Phillipines and Hong Kong
 with my crew/family All Style Division!!

It's my first time to go there and I'm very excited! We are leaving tommorow. It will be a flight of 14 hours, but we're with the crew so I wont be bored haha!  

We're going to dance on the benefit concert of Childrens home Bahay Aurora, Dance for a good cause.. couldn't be any better hiihi.. :)!
And the boyband Calalilli wil perform there to! I've heard that they are very good and populair in the phillipines! So we are dancing to their music and our own mix.

Also we've been invited to the tv show Showtime and Phillipine got talent as a Guest performance! 
We are blessed and happy to dance there!

When we go back we'll make a stop in Hong Kong and stay there for a couple of days to see the beautifull city and ofcourse to SHOP till we DROP!!

When I get back I'll post all the pictures and share with you guys all my stories and expieriences!
Now I'm going to pack my bag.. I still haven't packed anything!! 

C u in 2 weeks lovely's!!
Much Love, Samm

The kids of Bahay Aurora.

The band Callalili.

The poster with Callalili and ASD.

All Style Division on Movemasters.



Oh yeah!

This is my soulmate, my love, my man.. my all.. hihi I think you know what I mean.. :)
I posted a look of his on my lookbookpage so go check it out and hype if u like!!

He's wearing a WE vest.. wich is very cool! 
And a DIY -shirt made in the phillipines.. and Vans.

Much love, Samm

Look of the day.. Beautifull bleu.

Shirt - Mom's closet hihi
Pants - Little boutique in Enschede
Flats - Boutique
Earring - DIY
Watch - Yves Rocher

Hi guys!
This was an outfit I wore last week, it was such great weather!
The sun was shining but there was a little summer breeze.. so this outfit was perfect for the day! :)
Because of the pants, they are very thin, it was very comfy to wear.

The shirt I found in my mom's closet.. Sometimes when I need something to wear
and everything in my own closet is old and boring ( you know the feeling) I sneek to the room next door
and investigate the closet hihi.. And in my adventure I found this wonderfull bleu shirt.
The sleeves are halflong, so I foulded ( sorry for the bad english.. ) them and it gave a cute look to it! 

I hope you guys like it to! Feel free to give me advices or just let me know what u think
about the whole look of this day!

Love and hugs, Samm


Look of the day.. Shorty Chic.

T- shirt - Bijenkorf
Belt - Old from mom
Skirt - Primark

Hi lovely's!
I'm sorry for not posting a while! My phone was blocked for a strange reason 
so I couldn't put pictures on my PC ( All the pictures I make, I make with my phone )
But now I figured it all out so it's working again :)! And I know I NEED a good camera
so I am going to get one SOON! hihi.. 

Oke, about the outfit. It was a very hot day today in our little rainy country.
So I was happy that I could wear a skirt without a thick legging! I wanted to 
go for a girly look but also kinda tomboy, so I combined my vans with the skirt and belt.

I'm so very inlove with my grey/black vans and I wear them with almost everything! 
Hihi.. I also have other vans in different colors but the grey ones go with everything!
So now I wil promise to you guys that soon I will post a look with different vans! 

Well, enjoy and let me know what you think of vans or this look! :)
Much love, Samm


Camp out.

Hi guys!
Like promised some pictures of my camp out with school.
The landscape was typical dutch but very beautifull!
Also there was a schoolbus that I thought was very cool! 

So, enjoy lovely's!
Bye! Samm 


Look of the day 17 April.

Today wasn't a busy day so my outfit wasn't really outstanding
but it was veerryy comfy because of the fabric and the jeans.
This is one of my favorite blouses because I can wear it with almost everything
so also if I am in the mood for a great but confy day :)
Hihi.. let me know what you think! I really like to hear youre opinions!!

Hug and kisses, Samm

O yeah, I recently started a lookbook page and I would love u guys to
check it out and if u like to fan me :)

Look of the day 16 April.

Hi lovely's!

It's been a long time because I was on a camp out with my school.
Soon I will post some beautifull pictures and show you guys how it was!!

Yesterday i wore this look, very comfy but stylish by my opnion :)
Let me know what you think!

Love, Samm


Daniel Merriweather - Impossible

Hi lovely's!

I wanted to share this song with you because I absolutely adore the singer Daniel Merriweather.
You probably know him from the song : Change . This is 'Impossible' and he
is singing it live. His voice is amazing! The first time I heard his voice I didn't know what he 
looked like. So I thougt that he was a black man because he sang so good hihi.. 

When he was 10 years old he bought a CD from Boyz 2 Men ( also great artists btw! )
and that was what inspired him to sing. 

Well enjoy!
Love, Samm


Look off the day April 5.

Hi dolls!
It was a sunny day but still a bit cold it was a great outfit to wear!
The blazer was good to keep me warm and in the sun I took it of :)
Feel free to give an opinion, love to hear what u think!

Love, Samm


The look of...


Hi Guys!

Let me introduce: My boyfriend Noah! 
He's a sweetheart and always looks good by my opinion! :)
And he has a great sense of style and if I don't have anything to wear he helps me
to find something! Isn't that cute!

We'll let me know what u think of his outfit! 

Love, Samm

Hat - H&M
Red colored Vest - We
T-shirt - Bought in the Phillipines
Vans - Brittain
Nechlace - Bought in Germany


Look of the day April 2.

Hello you guys!!

I'm not wearing skirts that often, but this day I really felt like it :)
I'ts a very comfy but still classy and a little street. Love to combine all these styles!
Hope you like it 2! Let me know what you think, love to hear different opinions :)

Bye! Samm!


Family day in Germany!

Hi lovely bloggers!
 Today I was in Germay to meet my family, it was a great day with lots of love!
I wanted to share a few pics with you guys of the city.
 I just love the vibe I get from this city becuase it's so peacefull yet crowded and it has lots of nice stores :)!
Well, it was a nice sunday but now it's time to rest hihi..
Tomorrow i'll post a new Look of the day! So keep up with my blog and follow! I will always follow back.

Much love, Samm


Look of the day 30 March.

Hi there! This day I felt like wearing something girly with a little touch of
something rockish.. Let me know what you guys think! Love to hear 
your opinions :)!!

Blazer - H&M
Singlet - H&M
Jeans - Berschka
Shoes - Little store in Amsterdam
Glasses - Bought on vacation in Neum, Bosnia.

Love, Samm

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