Report about my trip to the Phillipines and Hong Kong!

Hello sweet bloggers,

About a month ago I went with my crew to the Phillipines to raise money
for the orphanage >>> Bahay Aurora <<< in Baras, Rizal. After our journey in the Phillipines
we went to Hong Kong for 2 days.

The trip was an expierience of a lifetime! We performed at the TV show
called Showtime! and on Phillipines got Talent as a Guest performance in the semi-finals.
Also we danced at the benefit concert with the band Callalily!

And... This news is really special!! All Style Division is officially aproved as...
Proffessional Artist in the Phillipines!
How cool is that?! =)

The people are so amazing there, everybody is so happy and nice! They don't even have much
but they are happyer than some people in the richer countreys and they always
keep there head up and that is what I really admire about the philipinos..
I didn't want to go back! hihi.. The kids of the orphanage stole
my heart. So next time we will do, again, everything we can to help the kids!
And that will be in December when we return to celebrate Christmas with the Kids and
ofcourse to perform again.

 I will post some pictures on the blog but if you want to see more
 ( also the pictures of Hong Kong will be there ) you can add
 me on facebook and see all the pictures an movies we made.
>>>  Sam'sFB  <<<

All Style With Calalily. 

Dancing with the kids.

Sam with the Kids.

ASD at Phillipines got Talent!


Being intervieuwed by Billy Crawford and an other host! =)

The girls and Mrs Bahay aurora @ Showtime.

ASD at Showtime.

'This is youre time, This is Showtime!'

Getting instructions @ Showtime.

Noah and Me at a Swimming pool hihi..

Me and a Police officer at Green Hills. 

Noah with some streetkids.

Me at Exotic Restaurant with a new Handbag Hihi!!

At La Luz beach resort in La iya.


The Fam enjoying fresh Coconutmilk!

Having a drink! =)

Dranak Falls.


Shopping @ Mall of asia!

Enjoy and spread the love!
xoxo Sam


Say Hello to my new Girlfriends!

Hi sweet bloggers!
I'm sorry I left my blog a bit out.. It has been very busy and ofcourse
you guys will get the report about my trip to the Phillipines and Hong Kong!

And now something I really HAVE to share with you guys!!
Today my sweet mom bought me these A-M-A-Z-I-N-G..


I'm so very in love with these beauties and I hope u like them to!

Love, Samm

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