Sam is going to the Phillipines and Hong Kong!

Hi guys! 

I have BIG news.. 
I wont be posting for 2 weeks from now.. That's because I'm going to the Phillipines and Hong Kong
 with my crew/family All Style Division!!

It's my first time to go there and I'm very excited! We are leaving tommorow. It will be a flight of 14 hours, but we're with the crew so I wont be bored haha!  

We're going to dance on the benefit concert of Childrens home Bahay Aurora, Dance for a good cause.. couldn't be any better hiihi.. :)!
And the boyband Calalilli wil perform there to! I've heard that they are very good and populair in the phillipines! So we are dancing to their music and our own mix.

Also we've been invited to the tv show Showtime and Phillipine got talent as a Guest performance! 
We are blessed and happy to dance there!

When we go back we'll make a stop in Hong Kong and stay there for a couple of days to see the beautifull city and ofcourse to SHOP till we DROP!!

When I get back I'll post all the pictures and share with you guys all my stories and expieriences!
Now I'm going to pack my bag.. I still haven't packed anything!! 

C u in 2 weeks lovely's!!
Much Love, Samm

The kids of Bahay Aurora.

The band Callalili.

The poster with Callalili and ASD.

All Style Division on Movemasters.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow, sounds like it will be a trip full of great memories, have a good time! ♥

    The Cat Hag

  2. wow, it's great! I went to HK last year and loved it! have a great time there!

  3. have a good trip :)

    and check out my blog if you have free time
    already followed your blog
    wish you can follow me back


  4. looks like you had a lot of fun there :D great blog

  5. wow sam, that's great! it's my first time to your blog and like, its amazing to note that you're coming to my country. know what places in particular you'll be going? i know you'll love it and you'll be welcomed in earnest. if you stop by cebu, let me know!

    hope you can come visit my blog


  6. hope u have fun! i was just in the philippines in feb!


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