Oh yeah!

This is my soulmate, my love, my man.. my all.. hihi I think you know what I mean.. :)
I posted a look of his on my lookbookpage so go check it out and hype if u like!!

He's wearing a WE vest.. wich is very cool! 
And a DIY -shirt made in the phillipines.. and Vans.

Much love, Samm

4 opmerkingen:

  1. oooooh thats very sweet of you posting a pic of him hehe:) He´s from phili? me too:) we´re nice people u know;) stick to him then:)

    see u around...im actually follwing u are u follwoing my blog? hope u do:) check my give away from marc jacobs its open till 2nd of may:)


    see u around hopefully:)

  2. Thank u for following girl.:)I see u guys are living in netherlands not far from dk though:)
    So cool..have a super nice trip to phil and take care u guys:) U got to see the:

    * Mall of Asia
    * Glorietta
    * Trinoma
    * SM malls
    * Omg and a lot more of shopping malls:)

    Take lots of pics:) ingat (take care) ;)

  3. Ahh tank u ! Ur so sweet! We are definetly going to the malls!! I heard they were great! Hihi.. I cant wait to go!!

    Talk to u soon!!


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