Look of the day.. Beautifull bleu.

Shirt - Mom's closet hihi
Pants - Little boutique in Enschede
Flats - Boutique
Earring - DIY
Watch - Yves Rocher

Hi guys!
This was an outfit I wore last week, it was such great weather!
The sun was shining but there was a little summer breeze.. so this outfit was perfect for the day! :)
Because of the pants, they are very thin, it was very comfy to wear.

The shirt I found in my mom's closet.. Sometimes when I need something to wear
and everything in my own closet is old and boring ( you know the feeling) I sneek to the room next door
and investigate the closet hihi.. And in my adventure I found this wonderfull bleu shirt.
The sleeves are halflong, so I foulded ( sorry for the bad english.. ) them and it gave a cute look to it! 

I hope you guys like it to! Feel free to give me advices or just let me know what u think
about the whole look of this day!

Love and hugs, Samm

5 opmerkingen:

  1. comfortable and cute!

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

  2. You're gorgeous, seriousely. Lovely blog, I love your outfit. xx

  3. I am in love with side braids, my next post I will probabbly have a side braid, its sexy and fashionable

  4. cuteee. You get creative with taking photos of your outfits. love. :]
    & I'm passing on the adorable blog award to you~ on this post : http://rabbitlace.blogspot.com/2011/06/adorable-blog.html


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