Look of the day.. Shorty Chic.

T- shirt - Bijenkorf
Belt - Old from mom
Skirt - Primark

Hi lovely's!
I'm sorry for not posting a while! My phone was blocked for a strange reason 
so I couldn't put pictures on my PC ( All the pictures I make, I make with my phone )
But now I figured it all out so it's working again :)! And I know I NEED a good camera
so I am going to get one SOON! hihi.. 

Oke, about the outfit. It was a very hot day today in our little rainy country.
So I was happy that I could wear a skirt without a thick legging! I wanted to 
go for a girly look but also kinda tomboy, so I combined my vans with the skirt and belt.

I'm so very inlove with my grey/black vans and I wear them with almost everything! 
Hihi.. I also have other vans in different colors but the grey ones go with everything!
So now I wil promise to you guys that soon I will post a look with different vans! 

Well, enjoy and let me know what you think of vans or this look! :)
Much love, Samm

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