Back from the trip to the Phillipines & Istanbul.

Hello sweet cherrypie's and cupcakes :)

I got back from my second trip to the Phillipines a week or 2 ago and I missed home allot..
And my closet! The trip was again.. pritty awesome. I toured with a HipHop team through all
Luzon in the Phills! The tour was called 'Phillipine Invasion' and we had a blast.

After I got back from the Phillipines, 2 days later, I had to catch the plain to Istanbul-Turkey
because I went there with school for a whole week! That was also a great excpierience.
I saw there allot of creative people and beautifull little boutique's.
You can see all the pictures of both trip on my facebook page..

>> Sam's Facebook page <<

But first.. I am back to post more and more looks on my blog, so enjoy!

This is just another look I wore I while ago, It's very comfy and colourfull..
I'm kinda in a coulour mood lately :)

shoes: sneakershop HongKong/cardigan: little boutique in Istanbul/shirt: United Colour of Benetton Istanbul

Spread the love,
Sam ♥

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