Long time no see..

Hello fellowfashionista's! 

I have been on a blogvacation it seems.. I've been very busy with life itself.
That is the reason that I haven't been blogging lately.. 

But NOW Sam's BACK! 

I am going to post a 'Look of the day Compilation' because I feel like 
I haven't shared enough of my looks to you guys, so I am going to do them all at once!

Enjoy and feel free to post some comments!

All H&M/Only the Ray Ban's and Vans - Green Hills Manila

Jacket - Vintage Replay/Blouse - H&M/Zipper - Zipperstore Amsterdam/Vans - Fahrenheit

Pink Blazer - H&M/MJ Tee - H&M/Jeans - Berschka/Jordans - Bijsmaak.com

Juwelery - Moms juwelbox/Singlet - New Yorker/Flower skirt - H&M/Belt - Berschka

'till soon, Sam

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